Filtr dla usuwania oleji - Mini Mist Eliminator. - Systemy oczyszczania i filtracji powietrza Trion Polska.

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FILTR  TRION  MODEL  Mini Mist Eliminator (Mini M.E.)

Trion’s electronic Mini Mist Eliminator (Mini M.E.) is designed to collect oil/coolant mist and smoke at the source. It will not only help you to comply with OSHA standards, but also help to improve employee safety, protect equipment and reduce plant maintenance costs. Its small size lends itself to be mounted directly on the machine tool for source capture of contaminants such as water-soluble, synthetic and petroleum based coolants and smoke.


High Efficiency: Up to 95% efficient on 0.3 micron particles.
Cleans and re-circulates indoor air.
Ceiling, Platform or Machine Mounting: Eliminates the need for elaborate duct work and saves floor space.
Efficient Wiring Capability: Unit can be wired directly to the machine tool control to operate only when the machine tool operates.
Compact cabinet design.
6-foot cord and plug fits standard 240VAC outlet.
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